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By Jennifer Flores on April 27, 2017

The Best Renovations for Selling Your Home

The Best Renovations for Selling Your Home

Considering tackling a home renovation this spring? Renovations big and small can attract buyers and add value to your home, but they often come with a hefty price tag. Whether you’re looking to sell or stay in your current space, there are options available, such as refinancing – something we considered for our home projects, which can free up extra cash and fund your next big project.

We've recently sold our home after renovating it top to bottom over the last nine years. Some renovations proved to be a wise investment and caught the eye of real estate agents and buyers alike, while some may not have been worth the investment, if you’re on a limited budget. Here's what I found to be the best renovations for selling our home:

  1. Curb Appeal

    This was one of our last renovations and I'm so glad we did it. In an area like ours, where all the houses looked the same, exterior upgrades really helped our house stand out. The brick walkway, integrated planters, and outdoor lighting really helped elevate the appeal of our home. If a homeowner takes care and maintains the exterior of a home, chances are they put an effort maintaining the interior as well.

    The Best Renovations for Selling Your Home
  2. Kitchen

    Kitchens and bathrooms sell homes fast, and that was no different with our house. We renovated our small galley kitchen in 2008 and luckily we went with a design that was timeless. The white shaker cabinets, stone countertop, and stainless steel appliances held up well and generally appealed to most buyers. Don't forget about lighting! Pot lights and under-cabinet lighting really maximized the functionality of the small space.
  3. Storage

    You can never have enough storage and prospective buyers love when the storage is already built in for them. Houses in the city tend to be smaller, so efficient storage in small bedrooms is key. In our guest bedroom, we used inexpensive off-the-shelf wardrobes and modified them with paint and drywall to look built in. The result was a customized solution that maximized function and style.

    And the most talked about renovation in our house?
  4. Laundry Room

    I admit we went all-out with our laundry room. It had in-floor heating. Stainless steel countertops, a wall of storage, glass tiles, a frosted door and TV. Overboard? Maybe, but if I had the chance, I would do it all again as that room brought me great joy over the years.

    Laundry rooms are typically low on the priority list so buyers were surprised and delighted by this renovation. If you want a renovation that will provide positive return and be a strong selling point, you can't go wrong investing in a laundry room. They're not usually large rooms so your cost of materials can be limited too.

    The Best Renovations for Selling Your Home

    Are the headaches of renovating and refinancing worth it? I think so. You not only get to enjoy a bigger space but renovations can also increase the value of your home. Depending on your mortgage, there might be extra rewards too. For example, PC Financial® offers fixed rate mortgages that have a PC® points upfront option that let you earn 2,500 PC points on closing for every full $1,000 of the remaining balance.* You can use those points towards everyday items like groceries** and key essentials, and even spend it on ready-made meals at the hot counter to help get you through those tiring and dusty renovation days!

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